Bachelorette Party Ideas + Tips for Planning

Bachelorette Party Ideas + Tips for Planning

ABC’s The Bachelorette is back, and we’re looking to get bach and boozy. Ready to accept this rose? Read on for a few of our top bachelorette party ideas and tips for celebrating the bachelorette in your own life!


First things first, meet with the bride to cover what she’s wanting out of the bachelorette party. While most party planners try to keep the bride out of it, let’s remember that the day is about her. Present the bride with an initial list of questions and then take care of the details to follow on your own.

The first question to ask the bride is the vibe she is looking for. Does she want a tropical weekend vacay? A night out on the town? A cozy evening in? Use her answer to brainstorm the party’s location and agenda. For inspiration, send her this Instagram post of ours with our favorite places to stay! 

Next, ask her who she wants to be invited. Based on the kind of party she is looking for, who is she realistically wanting to be there? Her fiance’s 15-year-old sister that she had to make her bridesmaid? Maybe not! Don’t assume the guest list based off of the wedding party or who you think her closest friends are. Instead, just ask!

Lastly, have the bride pick out 2-3 dates that work best with her calendar to attend the party. Once those dates are selected, poll the guest list to determine which date works best for all. If there is a certain vacation home or activity you are interested in booking for the trip, keep in mind their availability as well.


Once the location and date are established, it’s time to start planning the party’s festivities! To start, create a group chat with all attendees (minus the bride, of course). 

This group chat will be your go-to for:

  • Discovering each attendee’s general budget
  • Receiving ideas for various activities, games, meals, and more
  • Delegating tasks
  • Sharing important dates, times, locations, reminders, and links
  • Confirming final details before the big event

Take advantage of all of the ladies at your disposal when planning the party. Each person knows the bride in a unique way, so you’ll likely find the personal suggestions they provide helpful and perfect for the occasion! 

Here’s a general list of items to include in your agenda:

  • Check-in and check-out times
  • Travel times
    • Note time of arrival and departures for flights, if applicable. 
    • Also account for any driving time necessary throughout the party.
  • Getting ready
  • Meal reservations
  • Activities
    • In need of activities? Here are a few bachelorette party ideas: go bar hopping, have a spa day, lounge in the pool or at the beach, rent a boat, go wine tasting, try out glamping, take a class, book a tour, have an aesthetically pleasing picnic, coordinate a photoshoot, attend a nice dinner, have a tea party, rent a party bus, or attend a music festival.
  • Games
  • Downtime for chatting, relaxation, snacks, and photos!

The key when planning the party’s agenda is to have an exciting schedule lined up that isn’t overbooked. Keep in mind that chill, quality time is often one of the most treasured parts of the party!


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We hope you found this blog post helpful in discovering bachelorette party ideas and a few must-have bachelorette party supplies! Browse our curated gift boxes or create your own here.


The Grace+Heart Co. Team

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